CAIMAN 3029 - 30in Black Boarhide Coat/Jacket

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CAIMAN 3029 - 30in Black Boarhide Coat/Jacket

• Made of Boarhide™ - Garment-grade, high quality pigskin leather

• Up to 10-15% lighter in weight than cowhide

• Offers superior cut, abrasion and heat resistance than cowhide

• Cooler than cowhide and more elastic; offers greater mobility

• Exclusive, attractive and functional design – vented back and underarms for maximum comfort

• Satin lined shoulders and sleeves for effortless mobility

• Corduroy lined collar for comfort

• Large leather inside pocket

• Reinforced Stress Points

• Sewn with 100% Kevlar® with folded, double stitched construction

• 30in length